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Smart Bed Technology

By editor - Posted on 03 November 2011

The TLC sensor mat is placed under any bed mattress and continuously transmits the person's "bio-signal" to the TLC analysis cloud. The TLC System analyzes this data to track heart rate, breathing rate, motion and presence. The TLC System incorporates multiple applications that support health management programs, such as fall reduction, pressure sore prevention and rehabilitation programs.

"BAM Labs developed the Touch-free Life Care System to improve quality of life for our aging population by enabling every senior care facility to implement smart bed technology," said Rich Rifredi, President of BAM Labs. "Our TLC System delivers actionable data that turns every bed into a point of connected care so caregivers can help seniors live healthier and independently."

Caregivers can monitor a group of people at all times while performing their daily duties and receive notifications on their PCs or mobile devices, such as smart phones, iPod touch and iPad devices, about scheduled position changes and alerts such as a person getting out of bed. Caregivers can also review long-term trend data to identify adverse changes in health for early intervention. BAM Labs' patent-pending TLC technology uses standard wireless Internet with no need for cumbersome wires attached to the person, proprietary network equipment or on-site servers.

"BAM Labs' TLC System is elegant, non-obtrusive and simple to install and use, and has become an important tool to help our caregivers provide immediate care when needed allowing our residents to live more independently," said Alex Candalla, Executive Director, The Terraces of Los Gatos.